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Friday, 4 May 2012

Who is LIPCO

LIPCO Offices in Johannesburg
LIPCO (Legally independent people’s corporation) was established in 1993. We saw that people in our country who needed legal assistance most were unable to afford it. In an attempt to make law affordable and accessible for every one LIPCO was born.

LIPCO has created specific products that can be bought on a month to month membership bases. These products vary, but include benefits like: Legal assistance in civil/criminal/labour/family matters, drafting of a will, if you are blacklisted or need a rescission of judgement, if you are facing disciplinary hearings, if you have been arrested. To learn more about these products, please call our call centre on 0861 99 44 99 today.

LIPCO was the first group to introduce to process of legal mediation rather than legal action in South Africa. By mediating it allows us to save the member time and money. In the last 19 years LIPCO has grown to be South Africa’s largest legal mediation company.

Wondering how our process works?

Instruction phase
Firstly a member contacts LIPCO and LIPCO captures the case on our electronic legal system. We call this the instruction phase. LIPCO gives legal advice to the member.

Mediation phase
After legal advice is given and the member’s case is not resolved we go to the next phase. The mediation phase. Here our legal mediators try to resolve cases by mediating. We resolve 97% of our cases in the mediation phase.

Litagation phase
After the mediation phase we go to the Litigation phase. In this phase a members case gets evaluated and the member is advised what the chances are for the outcome to be in their favour. If the chances are good LIPCO will assign one of our panel attorneys to assist the member in court.

If LIPCO believes the chance for winning a case is not good, LIPCO will advise the member to settle outside of court. LIPCO will mediate and try to settle the case. If the member still wants to proceed to go to court, LIPCO will assign an attorney for the member at a discounted price. The member will be responsible for paying the legal account.

Why do LIPCO sometimes decline cases to go to court?

LIPCO sometimes has to decline a case on merits. This only happens when a member is in a legal dispute and has no reasonable prospects of success. In other words, if we were to proceed to court, the case will be lost. When a case with not merits go to court, not only do you lose your legal battle, but you will also be held responsible for the costs of the other party's legal fees. This can add up to very large amounts. 

LIPCO always strives to make the legal process as easy and fast as possible. This is why we always try to settle outside of court using the process of mediation.

If you want to be part of the LIPCO family call our friendly agents at 0861 99 44 99 or email us at or go to our website

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